Canabella Cachaca Prata


Description – Canabella Cachaça Prata is produced from the naturally fermented and distilled fresh juice of sugar cane that has been planted on the distillery’s property, and is harvested and processed in less than 24 hours, which results in a soft and acidity-free distillate.  Produced from the heart of the distillation and rested in stainless steel vats for a year, the result is a high-quality white cachaça with an incomparable aroma and taste.

Nose – A mixture of fruity and fresh sugar cane aromas.

Palate – A sweet taste, with a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.

Alcohol Content – 44%

Suggested Serve – Delicious when enjoyed neat, and is perfect for caipirinhas and countless mouth-watering cocktails.

Region – São Paulo, Brazil


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