Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt Whisky


Description M&H Classic Single Malt Whisky is a distinguished Israeli spirit, crafted with precision and tradition for discerning whisky enthusiasts.
Nose Its aromatic profile delights with notes of honeyed malt, dried fruits, and a touch of oak spice.
Region Produced in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the Mediterranean climate influences the whisky’s maturation process.
Serving Suggestions Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in classic whisky cocktails for a sophisticated drinking experience.
Palate Experience a harmonious blend of rich maltiness, sweet caramel, and subtle hints of citrus, culminating in a smooth, lingering finish.
Alcohol Alcohol content: 40% by volume.
Awards Accolades from international competitions recognize its excellence and craftsmanship.
Age Aged for a minimum of three years, allowing for the development of depth and complexity while retaining youthful vitality.

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