Nihilo Afrikan Gold Rum


Description Molasses-based and distilled through a Cold Distillation method before being aged
Nose & Palate Soft caramelized molasses notes with a hint of vanilla, followed by a delicate spice bouquet. Taste, Subtle caramel with a warm wash of cinnamon and clove, slight oak char, balanced with a twist of citrus.
Suggested serve Sipped neat, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail
Region South Africa
Age Aged in American Oak for a minimum of three months
Awards Michangelo 2019 Gold & SA Women Spirits awards Gold 2019
Other Nihilo mission is to take a stand against boring unadventurous drinking, to break away from tradition and embrace a new unique Afrikan Swag
Inspiration was drawn from the San* for the big wooden cork in the nihilo bottles, and round “medicinal’ like bottle (“kalbassie”) that fits into the palm of a hand.

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