Pitu Brazilian Cachaca


Description Brazil’s most exported cachaça is Pitú. Named for the stream that irrigates the company’s sugarcane, the word also refers to the large crayfish-like shrimp that features prominently in the brand’s logo
Nose & Palate Pitú’s nose yields the classic cachaça aromas: fresh cut grass, brine and black olives. There is also a bit of sweet corn and pepper. The spirit enters with a smokiness that was not apparent on nosing, and there is momentarily a mezcal-like character before the grass takes over. Up next is sweet corn, black and white pepper, smoke, and a bit of brine and green olive
Suggested serve Premium Caipirinha – Cut a lime into eight pieces, place in glass, add 1-2 teaspoons of cane sugar, squeeze out the lime juice with the Pitu pestle, add 6cl of Pitu, fill the glass with crushed ice, stir and enjoy!
Region Pernambuco, Brazil
Age Distilled from Sugar cane juice, at least 50% of the product must be at least 1 year old, the types of barrel are not specified

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