Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 750ml


Description Freddy strove to create a vodka recipe that would evoke the memories of his Sicilian honeymoon. And it’s this recipe that led to the creation of the Gin
Nose & Palate Bright, zesty aromas head up a clean, citrus Gin. A sweet fruit burst of Sicilian Blood Oranges offers a smooth crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun.
Region United Kingdom
Tonic Any Great Tonic
Garnish Cinnamon-Orange-Orange zest
Botanicals Juniper, Coriander Seed, Cassia Bark, Orris Root,Angelica Root, Liquorice, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Sicilian Orange
Awards 2018 Silver Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competion
Other Frederick Neill and his new wife fell in love all over again, this time with the vibrant, zesty flavour of Sicilian blood oranges.

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