We have done all the hard work for you and put together a list of the best South African Gins that you HAVE to try today!

We’ll cover gins produced by small and large distilleries in South Africa, each with their own unique taste and botanicals. Whether you’re looking for a craft gin with citrus bursts, a floral feel or rich aromatic body with a woody finish our list will cover the perfect gin for you!

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Citrus gin is an incredibly refreshing choice with it’s light and lively twist. A great drink for a hot summer’s evening or when you are after a refreshing citrus flavour in your Gin & Tonic.

Find a zesty craft gin to tickle your tastebuds below!

bloedlemoen gin


Bloedlemoen is a small-batch craft gin produced with a range of 10 botanicals. This gin is distilled in the heart of Woodstock at the Hope on Hopkins distillery.

The label features a refreshing design created by local painter Lorraine Loots.


Juniper, Blood Orange, Orange Peel, Grains of Paradise, Coriander, Cassia, Nutmeg, Liquorice Root, Angelica Root and Nutmeg.

Taste & Smell

A combination of nutmeg and cassia with a lingering blood orange aftertaste.


Keep it simple with an indian tonic and plenty of ice or add some whole spices like cinnamon and star anise to bring out the spicy notes.

A Mari Atlantic Ocean Gin

A Mari Atlantic Ocean Gin draws it’s flavours from the West Coast of Cape Town.

This premium, award-winning craft gin is infused with indigenous Cape Coastal Fynbos and is made using distilled water sourced from the Atlantic Ocean!


Juniper, Coriander, Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Cardamom, Allspice, Angelica, a secret selection of cape coastal Fynbos.

Taste & Smell

Exciting and refreshing citrus tones, complimented by rich florals and peppery spices.


Serve over ice with a high quality, light tonic to enjoy the natural fynbos botanicals or add a sprinkle of pink peppercorns and a slice of grapefruit.

a mari gin
autograph gin

Autograph Gin

A harmonious collection of Cape Floral Kingdom botanical is what makes Autograph Gin stand out.

This handcrafted craft gin has a deep flavour profile and a warmth contrasted by refreshing citrus notes.

It’s a delicious African dry gin with fragrant and flavourful botanicals. There is also a good chance that your bottle was distilled by the youngest gin distiller in the country, Matt Beech a 21-year-old trained mixologist, mentored by the godfather of craft gin.


Wild Rosemary, Confetti Bush, Citrus Buchu and African Wormwood.

Taste & Smell

Warm and full bodied impression on the palate, with refreshing citrus flavours and distinctive notes of juniper, Angelica roots, buchu, coriander and artemisia afra.


Try a double shot on the rocks to really taste the pure flavours, or serve with a good dash of tonic and a soft citrus peel.


Gin is often citrusy, and fruity, but some of the most spectacular gins are a little bit more savoury.

Incorporating herbs and spices into the distillation process can really enhance the overall flavour profile of the gin, and balance dominant sweet tones created by citrus infusions.

Find delicious savoury South African grat gins below. Take a look!

hope on hopkins gin

Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean

This craft gin deserves it’s own section, for its savoury, spicy taste and unique origins.

Hope On Hopkins Mediterranean is distilled using grape spirit, as opposed to the more common grain spirit bases.

Infused with flavours from the Mediterranean such as olive, fresh herbs, cardamom and orange. Hope On Hopkins Mediterranean has a unique, fresh, and clean taste.


Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Manzanilla Olives, Bay Laurel Leaves and Cardamom.

Taste & Smell

Layers of olives and herbs on the palate, a complex savoury smell with hints of fresh basil!


Serve as a classic gin and tonic with a green olive, a slice of orange, or a sprig of basil.

Muti Gin

This craft gin gets its name from the medicinal botanicals used in the distillation process. Muti comes from the Zulu word “umuthi” which translated loosely means medicine.

These medicinal botanicals are collected from two Cape coastlines, the Sunshine Coast and the West Coast.

Their logo is inspired by these two coasts and the the sand upon which the medicinal botanicals are found.  Coincidentally a sandy beach on the South African coast happens to be the best spot to enjoy a G&T as the sun sets!


Two main fynbos botanicals are Ghôkum (also known as a Hottentot-fig or sour-fig), cultivated for medicinal purposes, and Kusmalva (rose-scented geranium shrub) cultivated for essential oils.

Taste & Smell

A combination of sweet and herbal, with refreshing bursts of fruity, citrus flavours.


Have your Muti with a dash of good quality tonic and garnish with citrus peel and edible flowers!

Muti gin


Excite and refresh your palate with these crisp South African Gins.

Combinations of beautiful cape botanicals and delicious citrus flavours gives these craft gins their refreshing flavour!

pienaar and son empire gin

Pienaar & Son - Empire Gin

Pienaar & Son pride themselves on the beautiful balance that Empire Gin brings to the palate as well as the deliciously fruity tasting experience it provides.

Empire Gin is a London Dry style gin with carefully selected botanicals from the shores of Cape Town.

Made from a neutral grain spirit, Empire Gin has signature cucumber undertones and deliciously fruit yet complex palate. It’s brimming with flavour!


Juniper, Angelica, and a secret combination of other botanicals procured from the Cape Coast.

Taste & Smell

Fresh fruit notes, with complementary earth, pine notes brought forward by the inclusion of Juniper and Angelica.


Enjoy as a gin and tonic with ground pepper and a cucumber slice as garnish.

Clemengold Gin

Clemengold gin, like Bloedlemoen, is produced by Hope on Hopkins in Woodstock.

Inspired by South Africa’s favourite mandarin – the clemengold!

Clemengold is a refreshing craft gin with lovely citrus notes to excite your palate.


Clemengold peels take the lead as the star of the show in this infusion accompanied by 8 other botanicals: orange, cinnamon, honey, ground almond, juniper berries, coriander plus angelica & orris root.

Taste & Smell

Smooth and refreshing with subtle hints of citrus.


Serve on ice with a twist of orange or a cinnamon stick.

clemengold gin
finery pink gin

Finery Handcrafted Gin

Finery handcrafted gin incorporates botanicals from the Cape, with a refreshing grapefruit infusion.

This craft gin was created by South African media personality Jeannie D, and is produced in small batches.

The label design is unique featuring fine hand illustration of a grapefruit and intriguing typography. A beautiful bottle that stands out in any drinks cabinet!


A secret blend of Cape Botanicals as well grapefruit!

Taste & Smell

Floral and zesty flavours at the forefront of the palate, followed by a burst of refreshing grapefruit and hints of juniper. Its aroma is fresh, natural with fresh grapefruit notes.


Keep it simple and serve with your favourite tonic over ice. Add some fresh berries for a dash of colour.


The Cape Floral Kingdom is world renowned as being incredibly diverse, home to hundreds of unique species of fynbos.

This variety of botanicals and flowers provides gin producers with enticing infusions that result in romantic bouquets and seductive flavour profiles. Try these floral craft gins below!

Cape Fynbos Original

Cape Fynbos Gin is infused with the best the Cape Floral Kingdom has to offer, featuring a wide range of 33 botanicals!

It showcases the rich Cape Floral Kingdom, with a deep flavour profile of smooth floral notes and citrus undertones.


A host of botanicals derived from Cape Fynbos species including Buchu, African wormwood,renosterbos, wild dagga, and orange essence amongst many others!

Taste & Smell

Warm and smooth. The gin pays homage to juniper, withcitrus notes followed by dashes of light spice to wrap up your first sip. Warm and smooth.


Serve with ice and tonic. Add a sprig of rosemary to highlight the fynbos botanicals or strawberry to bring out the floral notes.

cape fynbos gin
six dogs blue gin

Six Dogs Blue

Six Dogs Blue is is named after the smallest dog in the distillers pack of 6.

It’s blue colour is derived from the Blue Pea flower and includes no artificial colours. If you are looking for a great party trick, this gin turns a beautiful pink colour when combined with tonic water due to the change in pH.

The Blue Pea flower has been used in ancient medicine to provide relief from depression, toxicity in the body, and stress while slowing the ageing process and improving skin.

We’re not saying that drinking enough Six Dogs Blue will magically make you 30 years younger – but it’s an excuse to have an extra tot for sure!


Signature botanicals Blue Pea Flower and Rose Pelargonium plus Juniper, Naartjie, Angelica and Coriander.

Taste & Smell

It represents the freshness of a classic dry gin, combining the blue pea plant which provides the gin with an earthy layer, plus Rose Pelargonium, which provides the Gin with refreshing lightness and seductive floral notes.


Serve as is over ice with a good quality tonic and enjoy!

Blind Tiger Gin

Blind Tiger is another example of gin distilled in small batches using the traditional pot still technique.

It features a range of 5 main botanicals that lend themselves to creating this delicious craft gin with a fresh crisp and exciting aroma.


Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Passion flower and Lemongrass.

Taste & Smell

Rich and full bodied with a slight sweetness with a refreshing citrus finish.


Serve with a good quality tonic over ice and add a wedge or orange and a sprig of mint.

blind tiger gin
musgrave pink gin

Musgrave Gin

Combining it’s range of 11 signature botanicals, Musgrave created it’s Pink variation, with a stunning colour and intriguing floral flavour profile.

Rosehips and the infusion of rosewater provide this craft gin with a subtle exciting perfume, and enticing flavour.


Distilled with Musgrave’s signature 11 botanicals. Top notes include African ginger and Grains of Paradise, softened by the addition of rosehip during distillation.

Taste & Smell

Focuses on floral notes more than its predecessor Musgrave 11. A gentle and slightly spicy impression is left on your palate, while your nose is captured by delicate floral notes derived from Rosehips and rosewater.


Serve with tonic, a sprig of rosemary, and a few pink peppercorns for the ultimate pink G&T!


Aromatic and woody craft gins grip your palate with their earthy undertones and rich flavour – with subtle hints of sweetness.

Expect heady aromas, deep flavours complemented by spicy botanicals and interesting colour combinations when combined with your choice of tonic water.

Inverroche Amber

Inverroche Amber craft gin is produced in small batch distillations, with each batch consisting of only 250 bottles.

It’s the best seller out of their 3 flavours – Verdant, infused with fynbos from the mountains of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Classic, infused with limestone-rich soils of the lowlands of the Cape Floral Kingdom, and Amber hails from the coastal region and dunes of the Cape Floral Kingdom.


Fresh floral botanicals of Africa, featuring fresh citrus, juniper, sweet toffee apples plus spices and berries originating from India and Europe.

Taste & Smell

Rich and aromatic profile. Smooth on the palate with a warm finish and earthy tones, balanced by hints of fresh citrus and juniper.


Serve with Indian tonic water,pink peppercorns, strawberries, and orange zest for a beautiful and delicious drink!

inverroche gin



Some would have never expected the gins we have below.

Some craft gin infusions are completely out of the box – and why not?

During the distillation process, gin makers can choose to use so many interesting ingredients to craft gins with incredible aromas and tantalising flavour profiles.

Grow your knowledge of gin, and excite your palate with these Unusual South African Gins.

graphite gin

Graphite Truffle Gin

Infused with Périgord Truffles, Graphite Truffle gin is dark and mysterious.

It’s bold dark hue remains unchanged by tonic water and garnishes – making it a very visually intriguing craft gin.

Under the right light, the mixture can mesmerise with its deep purple red hue.


Juniper, black truffle, citrus peel, coriander, angelica root, cassia bark.

Taste & Smell

Fresh and floral feel on the palate, with signature hints of truffle, turkish delight and liquorice.


Add your favourite tonic and savour the unique flavour!

Indlovu Elephant Dung Gin

With a smooth bodied texture, and a range of deep, earthy flavours Indlovu’s Elephant Dung Gin is rich and aromatic.

The core ingredients, as you can probably guess by now, are derived from (thoroughly washed and cleaned) elephant dung!

Elephants can only digest around half of what they consume, which leaves plenty of room to harvest rich botanicals consumed in their diet.

Once extracted, these botanicals are infused during the distillation process to provide a unique set of flavours paying homage to Africa.

15% of the profits made from the sale of Indlovu are donated to Africa Foundation to support their work in wildlife conservation at Phinda Game Reserve!


Botanicals are extracted from Elephant dung, once washed, which include the Elephant’s diet of roots, grasses, fruit and bark as well as aloe and acacia.

The gin also contains classic gin flavourings coriander and juniper.

Taste & Smell

A flavour profile that can best described as rich, smoky, earth and woody. A natural experience for one’s palate.


Try it on the rocks and savour the unique experience!

indlovu gin


Having a great gin is only part of the enjoyment process. The way you serve craft gin can significantly change how the gin is experienced.

Choose high quality tonics such as Fitch and Leedes or Barker and Quinn to complement your choice of gin and add garnish to uplift your gin drinking experience!

secco gin mix box pomegranate and berry


We can highly recommend Secco as our choice of G&T garnish. Featuring a blend of specially selected dried fruits and spices that infuse naturally with your drink.

The drying process of the fruits and spices ensures preservation of flavour ensuring the best taste and colour of your craft gin cocktail!

Secco is available in flavours such as Ginger and Lime, Spiced Pomegranate, Pepper Berry and Raspberry Rose Hibiscus.

Depending on your palate, and what tickles your fancy, Secco is a stunning garnish that will compliment your choice of gin and tonic beautifully!

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