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While alcoholic beverages hold a social and cultural significance for many, there are times when you might prefer a delicious and refreshing drink without the alcohol. The good news is, the world of beverages has expanded to offer a delightful array of non-alcoholic alternatives that tantalize the taste buds and satisfy your cravings

Alcohol Alternatives

Mahala Botanical Non-Alcohol


Alcohol Alternatives

Chouffe 0.4% Alcohol Free 330ml

R16.00 - R320.00

Alcohol Alternatives

Bavaria Original 0% Alcohol

R18.00 - R369.00

Alcohol Alternatives

Heineken Non Alcohol 330ml

From R18.00 - R369.00

Alcohol Alternatives

Babylonstoren Bitterlekker 100ml

From R26.00 - R130.00

Alcohol Alternatives

Devils Peak Hero 0.0%

R16.00 - R330.00
From R16.00 - R60.00
From R17.00 - R68.00
From R22.00-R119.00-R449.00

Alcohol Alternatives

Sombrosa Beer Shandy 300ml Can


Alcohol Alternatives

Jane Doe Alcohol Free 330ml

From R21.00 - R77.00
From R 16.00 - R 85.00
From R16.00 - R330.00
Out of stock

Alcohol Alternatives

Erdinger Alcohol Free 330ml


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