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Exploring Red Blends at Your Store:

Our wine collection boasts a diverse selection of red blends from around the world. Whether you’re seeking a classic Bordeaux blend or a daring New World creation, we have something to tantalize your taste buds. Browse by region, grape varietal composition, price range, or vintage to find your perfect bottle.

Red Blends

De Toren Book XVII

R193.00 - R1,100.00
From R269.00 - R1,549.00
From R118.00 - R669.00
From R635.00 - R3,619.00
From R169.00 - R963.00
From R309.00 - R1,759.00

Red Blends

The Wolf Trap Red

From R79.00 - R449.00
From R165.00 - R939.00
From R239.00 - R1362.00
From R125.00 - R712.00
From R219.00 - R1249
From R139.00 - R810.00
From R162.00 - R923.00
From R125.00 - R712.00