Six Dogs Blue Gin


Description Blue derives its name from the blue pea plant (Clitoria Ternatea) an antioxidant and alleged aphrodisiac
Nose Freshly cut Lucerne with hints of Rose Pelargonium
Palate Herbaceous coriander blends with plenty of floral complexity and tart mandarin flavours
Region Karoo, Western Province, South Africa
Tonic Fever Tree, Fitch & Leeds Tonic/pink/blue, Barker & Quinn or Schweppes Indian Tonic
Garnish Grapefruit zest/lemon/mint
Botanicals Lucerne (Alfalfa), hand-picked rose pelargonium (geranium) and the blue pea flower, which gives the gin its striking blue colour
Other Natural colouring-changes colour to light pink when adding tonic
“Blue” is also the name of the smallest dog in their pack of six

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