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Description The tequila brand “818 Tequila” was created by the US-American Kendall Jenner, the best paid model in the world from the Kardashian clan.
These tequilas are distilled at the famous La Cofradia distillery.
818 is the zip code of the place of residence Calabasas in California, USA, where the model has her home, hence the name.
All tequilas are handcrafted.

Sweet, spicy, notes of citrus.

Palate Made from 100% Weber blue agave, this tequila is then bottled at 80 proof, the finish is Long lasting, smooth, orange peel, marzipan.
Region The agaves are handpicked from the lowlands and highlands of Jalisco Mexico.
Suggested Serve serve ultra smooth with a long lasting and smooth finish, it is pure and spicy with notes of buttery caramel.
Age The 818 Tequila Reposado 100% Agave Azul matures between 2 months and 1 year in oak barrels.


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