Bulldog Dry Gin 750ml


Description A modern gin grain neutral spirit
Nose Slightly floral with lavender, juniper, and a bit of citrus. Some lime and a bit of sweet orange zest
Palate Despite the bounty of Asian botanicals reads more clearly in the traditional spirit. Heavy with angelica, especially mid-palate, the juniper is piney at first and a bit astringent towards the finish
Region England
Tonic Fever Tree (Meditterranean Tonic), Fitch & Leeds, Bar & Quinn  or Schweppes Indian Tonic
Garnish Black Pepper/Blood Orange/ Cinnamon/ Grapfruit/Lychee/Star anise
Botanicals Infused with the all-natural flavours and aromas of Bulldog Gin’s 12 distinctive botanicals inside a copper pot still
Other Vegan friendly and certified Kosher

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