Cape Fynbos Citrus Edition 500ml


Description The peels of five different citrus fruit varietals are soaked in the pure gin spirit for two weeks before filtration
Nose & Palate Deep and complex herbal aromas of clove and white pepper, honey and wild fynbos with bright melody of citrus fruits
Region Western Cape, South Africa
Tonic Fever Tree (Mediterranean Tonic), Fitch & Leeds, Barker & Quinn or Schweppes Indian Tonic
Garnish Twist of lemon peel
Botanicals More than 30 indigenous botanicals, hand harvested for their bark, roots, berries, flowers, stems, peels of leaves – Then further infused with peels and flesh from 5 selected citrus fruits
Other Every bottle is hand bottled and labelled on site at the Paarl distillery

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