Glendalough 7 year Mizunara Cask Irish Whiskey


Description This limited-edition whiskey is a testament to Glendalough’s innovative spirit, pushing the boundaries of Irish whiskey tradition.
Nose Delicate notes of honey, toasted oak, and floral undertones.
Palate With notes of oak, vanilla, and spice dancing on the tongue.
Region Crafted with care in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains.
Awards Glendalough 7 Year Mizunara Cask Irish Whiskey, a recipient of prestigious awards for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
Garnish Enjoy Glendalough 7 Year Mizunara Cask Irish Whiskey neat or with a splash of water to unlock its full flavor profile.
Botanicals Meticulously crafted with select botanicals and aged to perfection in Mizunara oak casks.
Other Savour the smooth and luxurious taste of Glendalough 7 Year Mizunara Cask Irish Whiskey, showcasing the unique influence of Mizunara oak with hints of caramel and dried fruit.

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