Jack Black Skeleton Coast Ipa 340ml


Description Jack Black Skeleton Coast isn’t just a beer, it’s an experience. It’s a celebration of flavor, craftsmanship, and good times. So grab your 6-pack, crank up the tunes, and prepare to drop the freakin’ mic on your taste buds. Nose Every sip is a symphony of taste, with notes of honey, citrus, and spice dancing on your tongue. The crisp finish leaves you wanting more, making this 6-pack disappear faster than you can say “encore.” Palate Stock up on flavor with this convenient and budget-friendly 6-pack. Perfect for sharing with friends, enjoying after work, or simply keeping your fridge stocked with drop-the-mic deliciousness. Region Jack Black Skeleton Coast is brewed and bottled in Cape Town, South Africa. Suggested Serve t’s a reminder to embrace the wildness within, chart your own course, and never settle for the ordinary. So grab your 6-pack, raise a toast to the Skeleton Coast, and let the adventure begin. Age N/A

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