Kwv Cruxland Kalahari Truffles Gin


Description Made on a grape base and with Kalahari truffles in the mix
Nose fresh aroma of juniper and lemon, enhanced by coriander and spice and the earthy hint of Kalahari truffles.
Palate Taste the juniper berries as you take your first sip; the spice from the coriander, aniseed and cardamom and then the cooling finish from honeybush, rooibos, almond and lemon.
Region Western Cape, South Africa
Tonic Fever Tree or Barker and Quin Light Tonic Water
Garnish recommends a half tonic, half soda mix with lemon wedges and some fresh mint to serve
Botanicals Aniseed, rooibos, lemon, coriander, honeybush, almond, juniper, cardamom and Kalahari truffles – and works hard to tell a South African tale

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