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Description Macallan Sienna Whisky, a 750ml masterpiece that epitomizes the artistry and legacy of the esteemed Macallan distillery. Crafted in the heart of Speyside, Scotland, this single malt Scotch whisky is a celebration of the rich heritage that has made Macallan a symbol of uncompromising quality.
Nose A fragrant embrace of sweet vanilla, rich dried fruits, and a subtle undertone of oak. Each inhalation transports you to the heart of the Macallan distillery, building anticipation for the exquisite flavors that follow.
Region A Scotch whisky from the renowned Speyside region of Scotland.
Age Macallan Sienna is distinguished by its deep, rich sienna hue, a testament to the aging process in exceptional sherry-seasoned oak casks.
Serving Suggestion Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of pure, high-quality water, Macallan Sienna invites you to savor every nuance.
Alcohol 43%
Awards Macallan Sienna has consistently garnered recognition for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each bottle is a testament to the distillery’s commitment to producing whiskies that stand among the finest in the world.
Palate The complex layers unfold gracefully, creating a luxurious and velvety texture that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication.


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