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Oester met ‘n P is a pre-mixed South African shooter that’s quickly gaining popularity for its unique and delicious flavor profile. It’s not your average shot, though – this one packs a punch of unexpected yet delightful tastes.

Nose The first thing you’ll notice is the aroma. It’s a curious blend of briny oysters, tangy lime, and the smoky, meaty aroma of biltong. This unexpected combination instantly piques your curiosity and makes you eager to take a sip.
Palate On the palate, the flavors really come alive. The briny oyster essence takes center stage, followed by a zesty lime kick that cuts through the richness. Then comes the surprise: a subtle smokiness from the biltong that adds depth and complexity. The Senorita tequila base provides a smooth sweetness that ties everything together and leaves you wanting more.
Region Oester met ‘n P is proudly South African, from its conception to its ingredients. The oysters come from farms along the country’s coastline, the biltong is sourced from local producers, and the Senorita tequila is specially blended for the South African market.
Suggested Serve Oester met ‘n P is traditionally served as a shot, chilled, and enjoyed in one go. However, its versatility shines through in cocktails. Mix it with rooibos tea and chili for a spicy “Braai Blaster,” or add pineapple juice and grenadine for a sweet and fruity “Sunset over Swellendam.
Age Oester met ‘n P is a relatively new drink, having only been launched in 2023. However, its unique flavor and South African charm have already made it a hit with locals and tourists alike.


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