Southern Comfort 750ml


Description Southern Comfort Original is our 70 proof whiskey, inspired by our founder’s 1874 recipe
Nose & Palate Core whiskey notes and iconic fruit and spice accents
Suggested serve Enjoyed best with mainstream mixers and in cocktails
Region United States-Now produced and bottled in South Africa
Other For nearly 140 years the recipe for SoCo’s distinctive flavor has been a well-kept secret. Heron had some stiff whiskey competition in New Orleans, so he used to personally mix individual batches of his drink for his customers. He only revealed his secret recipe to one person: Grant M. Peoples, his assistant. After Heron’s death in 1920, (the same year prohibition began. Coincidence?) Peoples became the official keeper of the SoCo recipe and took over the business.
In 1898 Heron officially registered his trademark which is still printed on each bottle today: “None Genuine But Mine.”

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