The Drunken Horse Gin 500ml


Story: Handcrafted in Belgium in South Africa, comes with a little bottle of Himalayan Timut Pepper. It got created after a drunk night out but thanks to the Timut Pepper and 21st century still it won several international Golden Medals.

Nose: Citric with peppery finish


WAVE 1: Citric
A fresh and fruity flavor coming from the zest
of grapefruit, lime and lemongrass

WAVE 2: Earthy
Earthy note on the middle of the tongue
thanks to the cardamom and coriander

WAVE 3: Spices
Finishing with three effective peppers.
Most notably the timut pepper will not only add a spicy notes.
It brings back the citric notes of the first wave of sensations.

Region: Stellenbosch (SA) and Antwerp (Belgium)

Tonic: On the rocks or with Tonic as neutral as possible: Fitch & Leedes, Schweppes

Garnish: Slice of Lime, Timut Pepper

Botanicals: Fresh zests of Grapefruit and Lime, Dried Lemongrass, Cardemom, Korianderseeds, and various peppers with mainly Himalayan Timut Pepper.

Awards: 6 awards with most notably Gold and Double Gold in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Stuttgart.

Extra: so smooth you can even drink it on the rocks.

About the Timut Pepper (mini included with bottle): 

This tiny pepper is handpicked by Nepalese farmers which is grown on the hillside of the Himalaya. The perfect companion for the freshly pealed citrus botanicals that is during distillation. It has hints of grapefruit, lime, passionfruit and Jasmin.

This pepper is seen as an essential facet of The Drunken Horse gin experience.

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