Volcan De Mi Tierra XA Tequila


Volcan XA Tequila 750ml

A blend of ages, zero additives. Their unique blending philosophy is carried through in X.A., which stands for “extra ages.”. The liquid is a blend of three different spirits of different ages, including a reposado aged for six months in virgin American oak casks, a 14-month-old añejo that’s a blend of European and American oak cask finishes and an extra añejo aged in American oak for three years. It takes 10 years to craft a single bottle of X.A., which supersedes many of today’s luxury tequila offerings.

Crafted from gold-ombre glass, the bottle is also adorned with a factory built-in gold LED light at the base that glitters in the dark.

Volcan X.A reveals a perfect balance of cooked agave, hints of spices and sweet aromas such as notes of vanilla, caramel and dried fruits. To be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

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