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Vusa is crafted at the Midlands Distillery, in Kwazulu-Natal, located in the South-Eastern region of South Africa.

There it is triple distilled through a copper pot still and filtered once through charred activated charcoal, a carbon filtration method originated in Africa.

Unlike 99% of vodka’s made with wheat, potatoes or corn, Vusa is the 1%, crafted from the fermentation of African sugarcane, water and yeast; creating a superior, subtly sweet smoothness with every sip.

Our sugar cane is sourced within 80km of our distillery; and by using sugarcane our process produces fewer impurities (congeners) than grain in the process and therefore requires less distillations to produce the highest quality ethanol and less filtration.

This is why we only need to filter once. Quite simply, using cane not grain leads to purer liquid and creates the smoothest vodka.

Recommended serve:

Espresso Martini.

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