Graham Beck Brut 750ml


Description Emanates from the Western Cape’s renowned wine region, reflects the unique terroir and climate that contribute to the grapes’ exceptional quality. The cool breezes and fertile soils impart a distinctive character to this sparkling gem, making it a true ambassador of South Africa’s winemaking prowess.
Nose Light yeasty aromas, limey fresh fruit
Palate Rich creamy complexity on the palate
Region Western Cape
Cultivars 51% Chardonnay, 49% Pinot Noir
Pairing Caviar, oysters, shellfish, carpaccio, chicken and even a nutty dessert
Alcohol 12%
Awards Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2013 – Bronze
Other South African sophistication, making every moment a cause for celebration. Cheers to the artistry, heritage, and joy encapsulated within each bottle of Graham Beck Brut.

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