Macallan Harmony Intense Arabica




Description This special single malt exudes flavours of sweet oak, tiramisu and dark chocolate, and provides a delightful whisky and coffee pairing experience.

The second release in the limited annual series continues to draw inspiration from our deep rooted connection to the natural world. Each release in the collection unveils distinctive packaging that incorporates organic by-products and gives them new life


Nose The aroma of Macallan Arabica is inviting and complex. It opens with the sweet fragrance of honey and vanilla, followed by the rich and fruity notes of raisins, sultanas, and oranges.
Palate You can expect a delightful combination of dried fruits, citrus, and vanilla, all wrapped in a subtle layer of oak.
Region The Macallan Arabica hails from the Speyside region of Scotland, renowned for producing whiskies with a distinctively rich and complex character.
Suggested Serve To fully appreciate the nuances of Macallan Arabica, it is recommended to enjoy it neat or with a splash of pure, high-quality water.
Age Macallan Amber is a no-age-statement whisky, meaning it does not carry a specific age statement.


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